Spring Must-haves

Spring is here! Yeah! It just happens to be my fav season. There are some must-haves for the warm weather that are on trend right now.

1. Wedged sandals-I got some really cute ones by Brash from Payless.com

2. Maxi dress- These flatter just about every shape and they are so comfy

3.Great pedicure-I jus got one…toes have to be cute for sandals

4.Ankle bracelet-they look fab with sandals

5.Strapless bra-these are great for those summery tops (halters, etc.

6. One shoulder top-I have about three-too cute with capris or high-waisted

7. Capri jeans

8. Bangles- u will be showing off those arms in tanks/one shoulder tops

9. Leggings

10. Colorful skinnies-target has some in great shades (blue, red, etc.)

Ck back- i will post pictures of myself wearing some of these trends soon…


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