Local stylist/fashion consultant

Megan is the creator of Southern Femme. From an early age she was a fashionista in the making. In fact, her website says that her mother used to laugh at her because she would come home with her tunic tucked into her leggings to give herself a unique look on the playground.

Her family supported her fascination with fashion by taking trips to Paris, Florence, and London. Today, her fashion firm has events, such as fashion shows at local stores such as Saks Fifth Ave. But, if you don’t live in the heart of the dixie (b’ham, al), don’t fret, among her many services- she offers virtual styling. Here is an exerpt from her site southernfemme.com:


Virtual Services

Three basic steps are included in all virtual packages:

1. Getting to know YOU: With all of today’s technology, Megan can easily connect with you to learn your body type, personal style, and more so she can style you to perfection!

**The ‘Getting to Know You’ Session can also be booked alone.  To learn more about Virtual Style Coaching and how it can take your look to the next level, simply contact Megan HERE to schedule an appointment.

2. Style Conference: Whether we chat via Skype or on the phone, we will discuss your style needs and what role Megan will play in you accomplishing exactly what you want.

3. Getting YOU Results: After the style conference, Megan will work on finding exactly what suits your style needs, wants and desires—whether it’s a plan of action to achieve your ultimate personal style or Megan’s expert advice on the items in your closet, Southern Femme will promptly provide everything you need.

Be sure to ck out the site if you need some fashion inspiration!!!


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