Ck out miss renaissance!

Happy Friday, Lovelies!! A bunch of you have asked me to do a “What’s in your Bag” Post….so I finally decided to spill (pun definitely intended) the beans on what I lug around with me on a daily basis. It’s funny how women are curiously fascinated with what other women carry in their purses, while men tend to be slightly terrified by said contents of women’s purses…odd social study material, dare I say. I may have arranged the above items in a way that makes them pleasing to the eye, but believe me, they were all truly floating around in my bag, no staging here. Sooo…I showed you mine – now it’s your turn! What’s in YOUR bag??

xo (To get a closer look, click on the picture!)

{From left to right: Chanel wallet, Ball of metallic hair ties, Boscia green tea blotting linens (I swear by these for…

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