Met gala 2014: Best and Worst

I have a couple of picks for best. First Gisele Bundchen, she looked absolutely stunning. I loved the fit and the nude panels of her black frock…gorgeous!


My next best is Taylor Swift. I love the color and she just looks very feminine.


Now to the so-so and worst. Beyoncé dress..hmmmmm, not the worse, but I just didn’t love it. It almost looks like a robe. I’m just not feeling it. And Kim Kardashion, better than last year’s floral disaster, but I’m not blown away by this look either.



Lastly my worse picks are Kate Upton and Donatella Versace. Kate Upton looks like she is from the old west going to a saloon. The jewelry, the hat it’s all wrong! Lastly, Donatella’s dress is awful, just wrong on so many levels. How a fashioner designer can get it so wrong is beyond me.




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